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Earning Money On MySoti

  • MySoti allows you to upload your original artwork and make it available to the world to purchase as incredible products such as T-Shirts, Canvas prints and Posters.

  • You need a PayPal account if you want to be paid for your sales

    We pay our commisions using PayPal because it's the easiest, quickest and most consistent way of getting money to you. PayPal registration is free, and all you need is an email address in order to use it.

    You can sign up for PayPal here

  • Every time one of your MySoti products is purchased, we automatically take note of the commission/mark-up that you've earned from that sale here on the website.

    e.g. If you have a shirt that has a base price [the MySoti price] of $10.00 and you've added a mark-up of 10% to that shirt, then as soon as it has made a sale you will see your earnings - in this case $1.00 - displayed within your 'My Details' page.

  • We work on exactly the same principal with other currencies as we do with your own. So if a shirt has a base price of £10.00 (British Pounds) and your mark-up is 10% then you would earn £1.00 for that sale.

    Again this will be shown under the 'Sales' tab of your 'My Details' page.

  • We make payments to your PayPal accounts within the first week of every month (depending on national and bank holidays etc).

    These consist of three seperate transactions (assuming you've made sales in all three currencies); one for each currency that we handle - USD (US Dollars), GBP (Great British Pounds) and EUR (Euros).

    We actually pay you for the previous month's sales from the 21st of the month before last to the 20th of the last month.

    This can get a little confusing, so let's use a quick example:

    • From June 21st to July 20th you have made 10 sales.
    • You sold 4 shirts to people in the US, 4 to the UK and 2 to mainland Europe.
    • Within the first week of August you will recieve three PayPal payments from MySoti for the dates listed above - One for USD, one for GBP and one for EUR.

    You can then do whatever you like with your PayPal money; transfer it to your bank perhaps, or maybe even buy some more wonderful MySoti goodies! :D

  • No problem at all. We save all of your sales for you, for upto a period of three months so you have plenty of time to organise your PayPal email address.

Err... What is MySoti?

What is MySoti?

MySoti is a place where designers can upload original artwork and turn it into awesome, real-life products for sale that we print and ship out to customers worldwide!

Fancy joining?

What we do:

We print customised and one-off T-shirts and clothing.

We print and build custom, one-off canvas artwork and exquisite giclee, poster prints.

We're the world's ONLY supplier of custom-printed, DIY lampshade kits.