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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We've tried to make MySoti.com as easy as possible to use, but when you're dealing with technology that looks easy it usually means that there is a load of clever stuff hidden behind the scenes.

    Below we've tried to compile as comprehensive a list of questions about creating your own products (T-shirts, Canvas prints etc) and their answers as possible, and we add to it all the time.

    We hope you enjoy using MySoti as much as we enjoy working on it!

General Design Questions

  • Well, that's entirely your call. MySoti has a basic, MySoti price for each product that we sell but after that it's entirely up to you how much mark-up you want to add.

    So, for example - Say if the MySoti price for a shirt is $10.00 and you have a t-shirt design that you think someone will pay $100 for then you'd get $90 (your mark-up price) for that sale! Simple huh?

  • Now that's an easy one. YOU DO!

    Unlike most 'design competition' companies on the Internet these days we don't take ownership over your designs at all - so you're free to do whatever you want with them at any time.

    All we do is agree to produce this artwork on your behalf (unless we've spoken to you separately about possible use of your image in marketing or wholesale promotion/production etc).

  • Of course it is. All of our shirts are lovingly hand-printed using a machine - (feel free to wrestle with the existentialist nature of this for a second) so each order is printed to errm... order.

    Where there may be some trouble however is when we don't have your particular colour or size of shirt in stock; ordinarily this adds a couple of days onto the final delivery of your order - but if there is any other problem at all please rest assured that we'll contact you as soon as we become aware of it.

    If we were pre-cognitive we'd get in touch even sooner - and if you're pre-cognitive please let us know of the delay so that we can inform you!

  • You can actually find that out by creating a product and seeing what the price of it is before you add your mark-up, but to make things a little easier we've listed the core US Dollar* prices below:


    • Premium Shirt (Guys & Girls) - US$ 18.99
    • MySoti Default Brand (Guys & Girls) - US$ 16.99
    • Kids - US$ 16.99


    • Poster A4 - US$15.99
    • Canvas A4 - US$46.99


    • Lampshade (DIY KIT) - US$36.99

    * We do sell in UK Pounds and Euros as well, but for simplicity we haven't listed them here (VAT and various other changes in currency make it a long-winded explanation).

    The important thing to remember is that if you sell a shirt or poster etc in UK Pounds but you're home currency is in US Dollars then you will still earn your mark-up percentage (hope that makes sense).

    It's also worth noting that these prices are subject to alteration - they're entirely based on fluctuation from suppliers and stuff so we do alter them occassionaly.

  • We're uncomplicated guys and gals, so we like to make things really simple. We don't want to confuse you with maths and we don't want you to be reaching for an abacus.

    So we've gone the crazy - some say foolish - route of NOT including the delivery costs in the price of our garments.

    Why? We hear you ask. Well, it's to make things easier for all of us - One price for the product and then another, set price for delivery and shipping means that we don't have to spend hours juggling within some crazy financial software package working out how best to hide the real cost of our delivery costs from you.

    And believe us - this is how a LOT of people manage to get away with such seemingly low costs.

    And it means that you always know just what you're getting from your kindly investment in our products.

T-Shirt Questions

  • At MySoti we use a fairly new (well, state-of-the-art) printing process called Direct To Garment (DTG) printing. This allows us to be able to offer every design that our members upload for sale - something that Screen Printing couldn't let us manage!

    It's worth noting that this is not Vinyl or transfer printing like some other, larger websites use - we think the quality of our printing is directly comparable to Screen Printing.

  • Absolutely YES! - a DTG printer can produce over 16 million colors. We hope that's enough for you?

  • We can print with graphics up to 2880 dpi. And because we offer vector artwork for ALL of our shirts - throughout our entire process - you can be sure of the finest quality print!

    If you upload a design using our shirt template (available on the Create a Product page) you'll be sure of great resolution every time!

  • Yes. We can definitely handle lovely, smooth gradients, halftones, etc.

  • We can print on ANY color garment. Unlike older DTG technology, we can also print white on dark garments. We like to call this The Future! Seriously, we print on dark shirts and the quality is incredible. Really.

    We honestly think you'll find our quality incredible.

  • Garments printed using DTG technology have excellent washability because the ink actually penetrates into the fabric. Unlike silk screen and heat transfers, your image will not crack or peel off after a few washes.

    In fact, as I write this, I'm wearing a shirt sample that was well over a year ago - when we started building Bountee (the site that gave birth to MySoti) - and it looks pretty much as good now as it did then (and I wash this one at least once a week!)

  • We want you to have our clothing on your back as soon as possible. But realistically, here is a list of how long it will probably take to get your stuff, depending on where you live on this glorious planet of ours:

    • UK: 5-25 days
    • Europe: 5-25 days
    • US and every where else: 7-28 days

    Please be aware though, that this is only a guide - and that sometimes the postal services across this globe of ours do need time to collect their rubber bands. So we would recommend waiting at least 28 days before contacting us.


  • We deliver to most places in the world. However, you'll find an exhaustive list on our basket page. And we have to warn you that your country may charge you some sort of import duty on receipt of your clothing.

    That's nothing to do with us I'm afraid - believe us we've checked - our illustrious custom and excise people simply won't allow us to pay the duty for you!

Artwork (Canvas & Poster) Questions

  • We sincerely believe that the quality of our canvas printing is the best around - our fine-art, Giclee printing process is simply incomparable to other solvent-ink based options that are available.

  • As we make all of our frames by hand, and print all of our stuff to order, we aim to get all orders turned around within 14 days.

    Please be aware though, that this is only a guide - and that sometimes the postal services across this globe of ours do need time to collect their rubber bands. So we would recommend waiting at least 28 days before contacting us.


  • We only supply our canvas artwork on heavy-duty, hand made wooden frames. All frames are bespoke made using the best raw materials at our print house. We then cut and shape the wood to make sure that each frame is exactly correct for the print in question. We don't offer cheaper, foam-board options.

  • We bespoke print all of our posters on a 300gsm, soft textured, quality, fine-art paper. This offers a thick, luxurious base for your artwork and we are sure that you wont be disappointed.

Err... What is MySoti?

What is MySoti?

MySoti is a place where designers can upload original artwork and turn it into awesome, real-life products for sale that we print and ship out to customers worldwide!

Fancy joining?

What we do:

We print customised and one-off T-shirts and clothing.

We print and build custom, one-off canvas artwork and exquisite giclee, poster prints.

We're the world's ONLY supplier of custom-printed, DIY lampshade kits.