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Refunds & Exchanges

  • We try to ensure that everything leaving MySoti towers and arriving at your own, personal HQ is in perfect; and frankly gorgeous order. Sometimes however things to get overlooked, or even damaged in transit.

    Listed below are the hoops you need to jump in order to get stuff sorted. We hope they're pretty straight-forward for you.

  • At MySoti we print all of your items to order. We are a 'bespoke printing' service and every item of clothing that we create has been produced exclusively for you. Because of that we are unable to exchange clothing if you have ordered the incorrect size.

    However, if you find a fault with our stuff then you can send it back to us within 28 days for a full refund or exchange - as long as the items are returned in the same condition that you got them. So, if you send it back reeking of stale sweat and sporting ketchup stains down the front, I'm afraid you're out of luck.

  • Fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you with the information you need to process your return.

    We will pull out all the stops to process your return as soon as it arrives. But please allow 28 days for us to process your return or exchange. It's maybe of interest to know that refunds can only be given to the payer - so if you got your stuff as a gift and you don't want it, you'll need to tell the kind person who got it for you.

    Alternatively, try a car boot sale or ebay - then get your head examined because you clearly have no taste.

  • To clarify the following statements, any reference to 'us', we' or 'our' means Bountee Limited and/or MySoti.com. Any reference to 'you' means you. If we mention Amy Winehouse it is a printing error and we apologise for any distress caused.

    Now it begins to get a bit more complex. So we hope you're paying attention - we find a nice cup of tea often helps to settle the brain. Ready? Let's begin'

    If, in some moment of abnormal generosity, we've decided to give you a discount or offer, the money you saved will no longer apply if you fall below the threshold of the discount or offer.

    By exchanging money for our groovy gear, you are entering into a contract with us that requires you to return the goods to us on cancellation. The cost of returning the goods comes out of your pocket, I'm afraid. We can arrange to deliver products to you, if you wish - but this constitutes a separate contract between you and MySoti.com (Bountee Ltd.) in which you pay for the packaging, handling and delivery of goods.

    And for legal reasons we have to inform you that your statutory rights continue in force - which is nice, isn't it?

Err... What is MySoti?

What is MySoti?

MySoti is a place where designers can upload original artwork and turn it into awesome, real-life products for sale that we print and ship out to customers worldwide!

Fancy joining?

What we do:

We print customised and one-off T-shirts and clothing.

We print and build custom, one-off canvas artwork and exquisite giclee, poster prints.

We're the world's ONLY supplier of custom-printed, DIY lampshade kits.